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Written by  on April 21, 2016 

There is not a customer or company that likes to have to deal with the tedious process of filing a complaint. That being said, sometimes issues occur that require a complaint to be filed. For whatever reason behind the complaint, what matters is how the company takes care of the procedure with regards to both filing and resolving the complaint. In other words, how a company handles a customer’s complaint overall, speaks volumes as to how the company conducts its business. Whether you are a new or existing EE customer and are needing to file a complaint,  there are several easy to follow ways to proceed with filing a complaint and receiving a fast, efficient resolution to the issue you are dealing with.

To get started in the complaint procedure, the easiest way is to simply log on to the EE website. To navigate to the web page to file your complaint, simply hover your mouse over the “Help” category. When the drop down menu comes up on your screen, click on the “Make a Complaint” tab under the “Contact Us” category. When you click on this, you will then be redirected to the EE “Make a Complaint” webpage, which will grant you access to all the information to help guide you through the process through getting started with filing a complaint with EE.

There are several options to get started in filing your particular complaint. If perhaps your complaint may prove to be a little bit more significant or pressing, there are additional options to contact an EE customer service Representative as well. You can call them directly at either of the two contact numbers depending on what your complaint is for (one is for if you are calling for mobile, 4GEE Wi-fi or tablets and the other is for EETV, Home, or Fixed Broadband). There is also an email address that can be found by scrolling down the page just a bit. As is there a quick and easy form to fill out and instantly submit.You can even write to EE at the address listed, if perhaps your need is not quite as pressing, but you still wish to make them aware of your complaint, be sure to include your contact information and specification of service provider.

Regular mail is a great option if you have tried the other options and are still not receiving the information to have your complaints addressed and resolved, be sure to opt to use the address that is listed on the Complaints page as well, of which will be sent directly to the EE Customer Relations Manager. This will ensure that your pressing complaint will in fact be addressed and resolved in a timely manner that best suits all parties involved.

EE strive to ensure that their new and existing customers are truly happy with the care, products and services that they provide, and will genuinely do their best to ensure that all of your needs are met and that if you do have a complaint that arises, they will take care of the problem and solve it both quickly and efficiently.

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